Auckland Fishing Charters

Multiple Kingi Hookups

Auckland Fishing Charters - Audacious Boat on a successful day out casing King Fish.

This trip there were 12 over 10Kg's caught and released keeping enough for a table of families. Matt Keeton (Skipper) takes on a 12Kg with light tackle.

Okuma rod and reels are up to the task and make great sport on lite braid.

Snapper Fishing Charters

Skipper Matt Keeton knows exactly where to catch the big Snapper anywhere around Auckland.  If Snapper is what you’re after, then give Audacious a call for an Auckland Fishing Charter.  Audacious Charters is well set up for all types of fishing charters.


Kingi and Workups

Join us for a multi-day fishing charter trip chasing Snapper and Kingfish around the Hauraki Gulf. Matt Keeton and his crew are well experienced and have a good knowledge, particularly of the North (Bay of Islands, Tutakaka etc). Give us a call now.


Kingfish Fishing Charters

Is there anything more exciting than catching Kingfish?  Probably one of the best days you can spend on the water is when the Kingfish are running.  Give Matt a call now to book for an exciting days fishing.


Hapuka Fishing Charters

Is there a more challenging fish to catch?  Generally found in deep water (50m to 100m), Hapuka are great eating.  Catch them from Audacious and then cook them on the on-board BBQ.  Matt Keeton and his crew know exactly where to find the Ocean Hunter


Kingi and Big Snapper Fishing Charters

Chasing either of these fish is heaps of fun.
It can take some time but over a whole day we normally get the big ones. We have to go for our wide, chasing work ups, but Audacious is fast enough to move around if required i.e. 18 knots cruising. We can fish up to 10 easily if weather is kind to us. Book an Auckland Fishing Charter now and experience catching some of these great fish yourself.


  • Full day, 8 hours, corporate and fishing - $2,600
  • Half day, 5 hours - $1,700